Silverback Spotlight: Mindset, with Jess

Picture this: a Saturday morning. I put the deadlift bar down, do a mental calculation and look up, grinning. “Is that a PB?” Coach Champ simply nods, an equally big grin on his face.

Now picture this: the next Saturday, I can barely get the bar off the floor once. I feel defeated. I curse at myself and the bar continues to remain sat on the ground. Static and seeming to mock me.

What’s the difference here?

Physically, nothing. It was all about what was going on in my head. Since training with Coach Champ, I’ve learned in how important a mindset is for training. To put it simply: a positive outlook gives me a positive result. I’d heard it over and over in many contexts, but now it makes more sense.

Let’s face it, we all have bad days. That second Saturday was a bad day in my head. And it showed. The problem was, I let it drag me for the rest of the session, which further prevented me from making progress.

A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Learning and Growing…

What I’ve learned from Coach Champ, however, is that on those days, we work with it, not against it. Given the opportunity, I’d have spent the rest of the day trying to get that bar up, getting more frustrated and it still not moving. Coach Champ sees this. He doesn’t get annoyed like I do – after all, I could do it before, so why not now – nor does he allow me to give into myself.

He gives me a kettlebell and something else to try. He does not lower his expectation, he simply shifts them horizontally to a different aim. I’m still feeling rubbish, but I don’t feel like I’m defeated anymore. I can do this new thing, it’s not all bad.

There are some days I think he knows my head better than I do, but I’m learning to get there and know how to work with myself. My mind will not always be in the right place. But now, rather than fighting, it’s rethink and refocus.

Some days I will make an inch, some days I will make a mile.

The important thing is that my mindset is focused on the winning, not the losing.

We all have good days and bad days in the gym. If you feel you could benefit from a trainer who cares for your mindset, not just the next set on a machine, get in touch with us. It’s time to grow.

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