Personal Training Coventry: Enter Silverback Strength

Looking for the best personal training Coventry has to offer?

This is Silverback Strength.

At Silverback Strength we believe everybody has the potential to be strong. We don’t do fads, we don’t do isolation, and we certainly don’t do boring. What we do have to offer is a determination for every single client to become the strongest version of themselves.

Personal training Coventry – Why you need a PT

Everybody can benefit from personal training. Our clients range from their teens to their sixties (though they don’t look it!). Each individual has their own reasons for training with Silverback Strength, but everyone continues to make progress.

We’ve taken those bored of the same old machines and classes in commercial gyms and taught them how to work their whole body in less than half the time they previously devoted to training. We’ve even taken a guy with chronic back pain who was never comfortable, a rugby player with knee ligaments hanging by a thread, and an office worker with ‘no time to work out’ and terrible flexibility, and they’re all fitter and stronger than ever before.

So, to you.

You might be bored of doing the same thing in the gym, finding little to no reward. You may have hit a plateau in your lifts. You might need to get fit for the new rugby or football season. You might want to expand your knowledge of kettlebells, or powerlifting, or strongman training. Or you simply might want to get strong. Whatever your reason: you need a PT.

Personal training Coventry – Not all are equal

You also need to make sure that when you Google ‘Coventry personal trainer’, you come across the right person. There are personal trainers stealing a living, hooking clients in with false promises and then sitting on Instagram whilst they make you do another set of 12 bicep curls. You might have come across one of them. Enter the personal training market with caution.

At Silverback Strength, Coach Champ is constantly on a mission to learn more about how to create strong, fit and happy human beings. He loves Insta as much as the next man, but you are spending hard-earned cash on your PTs time – he values you above all else in that session.

Personal training Coventry – A taste of what’s to come

On your first visit to our private training facility, you’ll get to know us. We want to know what you’ve done before, what makes you tick in the gym, and what you want to achieve. Coach Champ will assess your fitness and your form in your next session, testing key movements before programming each of your sessions with your goals in mind. Silverback Strength isn’t about cut and paste exercise – you’ll learn new things all the time, and never do the same session twice!

You’ll learn how to squat like a boss. You’ll deadlift with true form, unlocking strength you might never have known you had. You’ll become familiar with the kettlebell; Russia’s answer to the home gym for over 400 years. And hopefully – most importantly – you’ll enjoy yourself.

Join us today

Become the strongest version of yourself. Get in touch with us today to join the Silverback Strength revolution: some of the best personal training Coventry has to offer. For 1-to-1 with Coach Champ, small group training or to join our classes, call 07817 526 468 or email us on

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