Silverback Spotlight: New Things, by Milly

Hello, my name is Camilla (Milly, Mills, Milla….) and I am a serial “New Thing-er”.

Yes, I love and need new things in my life. Not in a shopping sense – although I do like those kind of new things too. No, I’m talking about having a new thing: a new hobby; skill; obsession…etc. I think it is human nature and I like to think it is a sign of an active imagination and a healthy mind, to always be looking for new challenges for it. However, I have found that being a serial New Thing-er has made it difficult to stick to anything and become really good at it.

I always find that once I master the new thing to a reasonable point, I have to find another new thing to keep me occupied. I need variety – I need change (after all, a change is as good as a rest – and we all love a holiday!).

Here are some of my fitness ‘New Things’…

I joined my local gym, went to the induction and followed my personalised fitness activities to a T, until it was boring (which wasn’t very long) and I no longer had the self discipline to drag myself there to get on the cross trainer and treadmill. I changed my tactics and booked myself into some classes to give a bit of variety and get my money’s worth that way. I did Body Pump, Bokwa, Boxercise, Yoga, Pilates…the list goes on. Each new thing became samey. I cancelled my membership.

I joined a pole dancing class – I loved it and picked it up really quickly. I bought myself a pole for practice at home. I cracked the ceiling. Soon the 20 minute drive to the class and back became a barrier. I sold my pole on eBay.

I decided that I needed to learn some self discipline, so I downloaded an app that would help me to run a 10k in 6 weeks. I got some new trainers. My first run was horrible. I hate running, but I felt I had achieved something. My second run was not much more enjoyable. I cheated on the third run…missed the fourth…And the fifth. Then I was too behind to continue (that was my excuse). I lost my trainers and deleted the app.

My husband and I started swing dance classes. I really loved it and was doing well. We mastered the basic moves and progressed to the intermediate class. Then some new people joined and we went back over moves that we had already mastered. Uh-oh – been there, done that. It was no longer a new thing and the desire to attend disappeared.

I bought a cross trainer to use at home. That was a novelty for about a month. It soon achieved the inevitable destiny of all home cross trainers and became a clothes horse.

Then, I joined up with Craig at Silverback Strength.

Somehow, he has managed to keep my attention for 18 months – this is an enormous achievement!

What’s the secret?

No session is the same, so I can’t get bored. I can see the results every day in my body and in my achievements. But most importantly, I still enjoy it.

Interested in doing something fresh and exciting every time you step foot in a gym? Silverback Strength offers our legendary Strength Camps alongside some of the best personal training Coventry has to offer. Get in touch today and come down for a chat, you might just find your new thing

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