Kettlebell classes in Coventry with Silverback Strength – Your new favourite fitness class

Our opening few weeks at Old School Fitness in Allesley have been so popular that we’re adding a drop-in Kettlebell class to our schedule: just turn up, pay as you go, and enjoy.

What do you do with your Saturday morning?

We’re using ours to show people how to train with kettlebells, so that they can:

  • Get a total-body workout in just 45 minutes
  • Improve their core strength, flexibility and stability without doing “core exercises”
  • Swing a kettlebell with confidence, curing bad posture

All before 10am!

Never used a kettlebell before? Not sure what to expect from your first kettlebell class? Here’s a quick Kettlebell Class 101 – the foundations.

What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell in an ancient Russian weapon against weakness.

Or to be a little less dramatic, a kettlebell is normally a cast-iron or cast-steel weight with a handle attached.

kettlebell classes in Coventry

Quite simply, it is the most versatile piece of gym equipment you’ll ever find.

You can train your whole body with just one or two ‘bells, and if you’re finding something “too easy”, there’s always a bigger one.

Why should I train with kettlebells? 

Kettlebells are kaizen. Kaizen is Japanese for continuous and never-ending improvement. Kettlebell training is very different to other methods.

The kettlebell swing is a perfect example of the uniqueness of kettlebell training. Why?

It combines the benefits of resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning in one very powerful exercise. There isn’t an exercise that addresses so many things at once as does the kettlebell swing.

This is why you’ll swing a kettlebell at every class you come to.

Do I need to be strong to join a kettlebell class?

No, but you will become strong!

We have plenty of kettlebells at Old School Fitness ranging from 8kg to a monster 60kg.

Beginners will enjoy satisfying progression, and those who already think they’re strong may find that the uneven distribution of weight using a kettlebell quite humbling.

If you’re interested in weightlifting or training for a sport and you aren’t incorporating kettlebells into your workouts, you are missing out. The Silverback Strength kettlebell classes in Coventry are a great way to learn how to handle them, from a coach who has founded most of his personal workouts with kettlebells.

What can I expect from my first kettlebell class?

Expect knowledge, expect a welcoming environment, expect sweat.

What should I wear?

Comfortable and practical training clothes. You’re going to be moving…a lot!

One area most people take for granted when doing any sort of exercise is footwear. Not here. We prescribe Vibrams, Converse, your socks, or barefoot.

Barefoot? We know, scary right?

Trust us.

Barefoot will mean better balance, better movement, better power, better training! Some of Silverback’s most fashion-conscious clients who loved training in “comfortable” Nikes or other unsuitable trainers now ditch them at the door before every session.

They know that being planted to the floor instantly provides a better workout.

Kettlebell Classes in Coventry and Warwickshire: Where do I join?

We could write for days on kettlebells – and we’ll continue to on this blog – but if the last 450 words have made you want to reach for a ‘bell, then come along to our kettlebell classes in Coventry.

Kettlebells will run on Saturday mornings at 9am at Old School Fitness in Allesley. It’s only £5 per class, ran by Coach Champ: this man loves kettlebells.

We can guarantee a great 45 minute session, and you’re welcome to have a good coffee in our Common Room afterwards with your new classmates.

For more information, or to just say “I’m coming!”, you can contact us via the website, or through our Facebook and Instagram pages. See you there.

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