“I’ve earned this pint…”

Stop it! Stop it now!

The world over seems to have developed an extremely unhealthy relationship with food and it’s about time we start looking at things a little differently.

You do not need a reward or a “treat”. You’re not a dog.

The article below from Michael Hulcher (Gym Jones certified trainer) could not put it better…


First, a disclaimer. Training is where my main focus is. But, having said that, you can’t attempt to pursue real performance or outcome based training without extending your focus beyond sport or the gym and into the kitchen. You can’t out work a shitty diet. It just isn’t possible, so don’t try it.

Look at it from this perspective—there are 168 hours in a week. Let’s assume you’re sleeping 8 hours a night (and you’re probably not) that’s 56 hours a week. That leaves you with 112 hours. Training might take up somewhere between 4-8 hours depending on your goals and the time you have available to you. That’s, at best, less than 5% of your week. It’s basically no time at all.

Now, if you’re training like an absolute animal but you eat like shit, do you think that 5% of your time is going to possibly make a dent in your appearance or your performance if you’re fucking up the other 112 hours that you’re awake? No, it won’t. More training isn’t the answer either—being conscious of the choices you make, planning ahead, and fully committing to eating mindfully, for a purpose, is the answer.  

My point here is that training is the fun part. It’s the easy part. It’s fun to write about. It’s fun to talk about. It’s fun to do. But the real truth is that what you put in your mouth, the input, has a far greater impact on the output—your results, your goals, both in performance and appearance, than the actual training itself does.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this is in bodybuilding. That’s a sport where winning literally happens in the kitchen. Yes, you train to get bigger and you train to get leaner, but you eat to make it actually happen. The training is arguably the easiest part of the sport. Offseason building, dieting down to prep for a show—that’s a physical and mental endurance sport.

The same can be said of a performance based diet for a competitive athlete. If you’re training hard for a fight, a race or some event and your nutrition isn’t on point, it absolutely will effect your recovery, which will negatively impact training. Basically it can lead you down into a negative feedback loop where you just can’t get out of the over trained, fatigued state you find yourself in. I’ve been there. The results aren’t pretty.

If you’re reading this, then you’re not one of the genetic freaks walking around at 8% body fat having never tracked a meal or counted your macros. I’m not one either. The work around for those of us who aren’t freaks is math, science and effort. I’d encourage all of you to explore your nutritional goals. Enter your information, figure out your calories and what your macronutrients should be each day. Make a meal plan. Commit to good nutrtition with the same energy you throw at your training. Track your meals. Track your responses. Do you feel better? Have more energy? Are your workouts better? Do you feel more recovered?

Chances are, it’s the thing you’ve been avoiding.


Get it figured out now.

It’ll make all the difference.

This is part of Silverback Strength’s Philosophy.

Training is the finishing touch, fuelling yourself with good food should be your biggest focus.

“Oh but healthy food is expensive…” It’s cheaper than a funeral!

Your food choices affect your whole life. Sacrificing quality, nutrient-dense food becuase “it’s too expensive” should not be a concern. It’s your body!

Because of all of the above reasons, we’re extremely proud to work with plant-scientist turned plant-based food company, Pumpkin & Sprout. Liz of P&S creates meals based on science; she’s read the literature, done the research and translated it into whole food, plant-based goodness. It also helps that it’s simple to defrost and go, taking the labour out of getting your nutrition right.

In our facility you’ll find a freezer stacked full of Pumpkin & Sprout’s soups and meals for you to take away. You’re welcome.

Check out Pumpkin & Sprout online, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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