“I’ve earned this pint…” Stop it! Stop it now! The world over seems to have developed an extremely unhealthy relationship with food and it’s about time we start looking at things a little differently. You do not need a reward or a “treat”. You’re not a dog. The article below from Michael Hulcher (Gym Jones certified trainer) could not put it better… Input/Output “First, a disclaimer. Training is where my read more

Kettlebell classes in Coventry

Kettlebell classes in Coventry with Silverback Strength – Your new favourite fitness class

Our opening few weeks at Old School Fitness in Allesley have been so popular that we’re adding a drop-in Kettlebell class to our schedule: just turn up, pay as you go, and enjoy. What do you do with your Saturday morning? We’re using ours to show people how to train with kettlebells, so that they can: Get a total-body workout in just 45 minutes Improve their core strength, flexibility and read more

Red Women

Red Women: Our Space, Our Time

Red Women was born through amalgamating Virginia Woolf with the Red Tent Movement. Originating from America, the Red Tent Movement creates both literal and metaphorical ‘red tents’ around the world, one day a month either on or near to the new moon. Inside the Red Tent Temples, women are given the chance to acknowledge their own needs, remember their own identity, to stop and breathe. Meanwhile in her speech ‘A read more

Old School Fitness Coventry

In Pictures: Old School Fitness – Day One

First, coffee. View this post on Instagram Coach Champ has arrived… #SilverbackStrength #OldSchoolFitness #LiveStrong #StrengthAndPerformance #BeYourOwnHero #WalkInStrongWalkOutStronger #StrengthCamp #Fitness #FitnessLifestyle #Fitspo #DayOne #LetsDoThis #Coffe #Thanos #MCU #Marvel A post shared by Silverback Strength (@strengthofthesilverback) on Oct 15, 2018 at 9:48pm PDT Then, Strength Camp. View this post on Instagram First session at our brand new facility complete! #SilverbackStrength #OldSchoolFitness #LiveStrong #StrengthCamp #StrengthAndPerformance #BeYourBest #BeYourOwnHero #StrongestVersionOfYourself #GroupPersonalTraining #GroupTraining #PersonalTraining #PersonalTrainer read more

Silverback Spotlight: Mindset, with Jess

Picture this: a Saturday morning. I put the deadlift bar down, do a mental calculation and look up, grinning. “Is that a PB?” Coach Champ simply nods, an equally big grin on his face. Now picture this: the next Saturday, I can barely get the bar off the floor once. I feel defeated. I curse at myself and the bar continues to remain sat on the ground. Static and seeming read more

Silverback Spotlight: New Things, by Milly

Hello, my name is Camilla (Milly, Mills, Milla….) and I am a serial “New Thing-er”. Yes, I love and need new things in my life. Not in a shopping sense – although I do like those kind of new things too. No, I’m talking about having a new thing: a new hobby; skill; obsession…etc. I think it is human nature and I like to think it is a sign of read more

Silverback Spotlight: Meet Steve

Two years ago I was in constant pain. Having injured my back several years before, simple things like putting on shoes or picking something up from the floor would leave me in agony.  I also had sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and gout attacks. I was constantly tired and my immune system was so low that if I caught a cold, even though others would bounce back quickly, read more

Old School Fitness Coventry

A New Chapter

Ahead of building work commencing on our new facility, Old School Fitness, we’ve parked Coach Champ in a coffee shop to grill him on the new place, his plans and what we can expect… Firstly, what inspired the name ‘Old School Fitness’? Why not just call it ‘Silverback Strength’? Silverback Strength is very much a coaching mentality more than anything. It’s a way of life for me certainly, but with read more

personal training in Coventry

Personal Training Coventry: Enter Silverback Strength

Looking for the best personal training Coventry has to offer? This is Silverback Strength. At Silverback Strength we believe everybody has the potential to be strong. We don’t do fads, we don’t do isolation, and we certainly don’t do boring. What we do have to offer is a determination for every single client to become the strongest version of themselves. Personal training Coventry – Why you need a PT Everybody read more

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