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SILVERBACK STRENGTH was formed in 2016 with the belief that everybody can be strong. A coffee-fuelled, plant-based company. Your free time is valuable; would you rather spend it at a soulless commercial gym, or in a facility with character, personality and a determination for success?

About Craig

Although sport, especially football and MMA, always played a strong role in Craig's childhood, his early twenties were consumed with alcohol, fast-food and office life.

It wasn't until the London 2012 Olympics that Craig appreciated the absolute power and determination of the human body and mind. Watching the weightlifting inspired Craig to evaluate his life and return to the gym with a new sense of purpose.

Since then, Craig has found it particularly easy to empathise with clients who feel their life lacks direction, and who are unhappy with their body and mindset because he has most definitely been there!

After the London Olympics, Craig began to follow the journey of World's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall. Craig's life began to incorporate exercise on a regular and consistent basis; he regained his former driven attitude, his energy levels increased, and his body began to change. Educating himself further, Craig changed careers and became a personal trainer.

Personal Training - Why We're Different

Gone are the days where only the rich and famous work alongside personal trainers. The most efficient and effective way to achieve your physical goals - whether that be fat loss, strength and muscle building, or to just to feel better in your own skin - is to work with a personal trainer whose sole focus is mapping out a pathway that will allow you to reach those goals.

In those first few years when he returned to the gym, Craig's training was consistent yet uneducated. It was this that taught him that progress not only requires effort and dedication, but also knowledge and conscious direction.

Training with Craig will always be based upon scientific study, bio-mechanics and continual professional development.

Vegan Personal Training

After working with a vegan client, Craig decided to experiment and switched to a plant-based diet for 30 days. These 30 days have grown into almost 3 years.

Although highly suspicious at first, and very much a protein-obsessed carnivore previously, Craig saw his body fat percentage reduce dramatically, yet his strength, endurance, and recovery improved.

Whereas the typical personal training qualification only touches upon nutrition in one module, Craig’s knowledge of nutrition is extensive due to his own research and plant-based journey.

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