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Silverback Fitness was built from the ground up in 2018 – a disused education centre in Allesley became our home. It was founded with the belief that anyone, no matter their age or ability, has it in them to become stronger.

Craig aka champ - owner

Hi, I’m Craig, owner, founder and Head Coach of Silverback Strength. I coach the majority of the Silverback Strength sessions whilst also offering 1:2:1 coaching as well.

Having worked with both Luke Fullbrook (International Strongman) and Jack Lovett (World’s Natural Strongest Man) as an athlete, the knowledge acquired in terms of training, recovery and nutrition was priceless. This, along with a mentorship with Phil Daru (Four-time winning MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year), has created a knowledge base ready to help anyone from any walk of life achieve their goals.

Quite simply, the gym, in particular the weights room, saved my life. Winding the clock back a little over ten years, working a job I despised, drinking excessively, in a very unhappy relationship, depression was setting in, and I felt there was no escape. A YouTube black hole and an Eddie Hall training video was the catalyst I needed. The next morning I joined a local gym and never looked back.

With what training and the gym have done for me, I feel honoured to provide a facility and a service to be able to do the same for others.

Born in Warwick and growing up in and around Coventry and Warwickshire, I have only lived away from the Midlands for a few years and came back as soon as I could. This is home. When the days coaching is complete, and I get time to myself, you’ll find me in one of three places, the gym with a barbell in hand, binge-watching my favourite Marvel films, or spending time with my daughter.

Mitchell Cook aka Mitch - Coach/Rehab Expert

I build everyday athletes from the ground up. My definition of an everyday athlete is someone who dominates their environment, being that out on a field or court, at their place of work, out shopping for the family or keeping up with their kids. There’s more to being an athlete than sport. I do this by building strong foundations of movement patterns and body control to build strength, knowledge, and confidence in more than just the weight room. Personally, I have 5 years of experience coaching teams and on a one 2 one basis, but I have 15+ years within sport and being involved in fitness and I hold a degree in Strength and Conditioning.

Professionally I just love it! I love seeing and helping people improve and reach their goals, I’m constantly looking to improve and better myself at my craft and with that, build some phenomenal everyday athletes. For many people, training can take your day from the worst one imaginable towards the best day they have had in months, and I love being the one to help with that.

Personally, again, I just love it! Creating a better you, going out every day thinking I’m going to be that 1% better than I was yesterday in all aspects of life I believe, starts through training. Also moving heavy ass objects is also about the coolest thing a person can do and the closest thing to a superhero I can think of!

I was born in Nuneaton, grew up in Coventry and spent a lot of free time in Leamington. I studied at the University of South Wales and I’ve coached individuals, rugby teams and cricket teams including a disability squad alongside my studies. I have played a lot of rugby since I was 6 years old and I’ve had my unfair share of injuries. I also love being in the gym; from 14 years old I have been lifting weights and trying to move heavy things. Outside of running at people for the hope of holding an egg-shaped ball and lifting heavy objects, I’m also a lover of food and a bit of a Star Wars nerd. I try not to take myself or life too seriously, as in my eyes if you don’t enjoy what you do it’s not worth doing!

Steve McCaffrey - Coach/Yoga Instructor (Big Steve)

Having previously suffered from chronic pain and back problems, I know how much benefit can be gained from doing the right type of exercise. Yoga has done an incredible amount to help me, and nothing makes me happier than passing these benefits on to other people.

I am a Dru student yoga teacher, and I teach small classes and 121s. Dru yoga is a very gentle type of yoga, and it is great for everybody. It is accessible for beginners, people with pain issues, people who are neurodiverse, or have conditions like insomnia - some of my clients call it sleepy yoga!

My small, friendly classes create a welcoming and relaxing environment for everyone.

It is incredible to watch people improve their mobility, flexibility, overall health, pain management and sleep. My mission in life is to bring these wonderful benefits to as many people as possible - we all deserve to be comfortable in our bodies and peaceful in our minds! I am a 6ft 7 man in my fifties - not your typical yogi, but hoping to challenge the stereotypes of who yoga is for - it really is for everyone!

I’m originally from Scotland, but live in Coventry now. When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga I can usually be found lifting weights in the gym, or walking my dogs. I never take for granted that I have been able to regain my health, so I am constantly on the go! I love the community that we have at Silverback Fitness. We seem to attract the most incredible, inspiring people - it is undoubtedly the place I most feel at home!


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